Open Day at Bonnefanten museum

Museum in Maastricht opened its door for free today. I wasn't there before so why not use this initiative from the City of Maastricht and have a look what this place has to offer. I also met there some friends from the Art faculty - what a nice afternoon!

Malte is drawingMalte is drawing, source: my picture

The Bonnefanten museum is located at the riverside near Kennedy bridge. I met there with Zuzka at 3 p.m. I took my backpack for camera with me, but I was forced to put that in the security locker. Next time, I will take only small bag only for a camera. I took the programme brochure and realized, that there are also workshops and performances. We missed one just only because they started earlier! Never ever happened to me, that something starts sooner than scheduled. We weren't allowed in, so we decided to walk around and see what is in the museum. My overall impression of this place is that this place definitely not fit into my definition of a what a museum should be as such, meaning collection of historical artefacts. This is obviously an art gallery or I got something wrong.

Museum or Art gallery?

As I stated above, I would definitely use term art gallery for this place. I do agree that there might be pieces of arts that are important to this region of are of a historical significance but all of them were paintings or sculptures. In addition to that, most of the exhibited works of art were of some recent date and I most of them would fulfil my definition of a modern art.

But that's not the main point, I do not mind art and I do not restrict myself to any genre, I just like it or not. It's that simple. Did I like it here? Yes I did. I definitely enjoyed photos that were presented as part of the "extended drawing" section.

Workshop Mark your mood

One of the workshop was called "mark your mood" and the purpose was to create a picture by more people and everybody draw only a part of it, while listening to different kind of music. Second picture supposed to me a figure – somebody drew head, somebody else the body, another one legs and the last one from knees to toes. As a result, really funny pictures were created. My friends help to organize this workshop and therefore they made to draw one part of the picture. Smiley :)


I wanted to see some dramatic performance, but we missed that at the beginning, so I only had an opportunity to listen to music. There was one room with 8 lines on the walls, every line of different colour. The first piece of music I listened to, should represent it and was called "Motivic Drawing". I enjoyed it, especially the end where only violins were playing.

Second music performance was done my "Lili Grace" which were two Dutch girls signing and playing keys and a cello. Wow, that was really something! Nice music, lyrics and voices. I search a bit on the internet, but I only found their MySpace profile and fortunately also some songs on YouTube, check that out:

Lili Grace – So much more

Lili Grace – I Swear (live)
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