Salsa dancing lessons on Tuesdays

I got a link from a friend offering free salsa introduction lesson. I decided to check that out as dancing lessons would be nice to attend. After the first lecture I can say that from now on, my Tuesday night is the salsa night.

Salsa Brisa logoSalsa Brisa logo, Source:

Let's dance Salsa! I never danced salsa before but why not give a try? Niki posted link on her profile and I checked the website of They have also an English version which is pleasant. Not that I have any problem with understanding basic written Dutch but still, I appreciate that. The website stated that the first "Open lesson" started at 8 p.m. I was not sure what I should expect, but they wrote that no partner is needed. I hoped there would be more girls than during my last dancing course of Zouk, but later about that. The location of the lessons is near the Hoge Brug on the left side of the river in club D'n Hiemel, which is about 10minutes biking from my place. I also found another Salsa lessons in Maastricht, but the place was a bit far away, so I wished that I would be satisfied with this one.

My dancing skills

I like dancing in general although I don't have very large experience with that. I know that need a bit more time and practice to master the moves, but the process of learning is fun. I have so far experience only with a formal dance like Waltz, Cha-cha, Jive, Blues, Polka, etc. from lesson I took during my high school. I visited also advanced class where we got to learn more moves and also practised styling. Since then I only used my skills at balls in our city a few times a year, so no big deal.

Last year in summer, I took an intensive week dancing course of Zouk. I also got to know about that from my friend, so it was just a taken opportunity, but it was great! I was looking forward to each lesson and I could clear my head after the day spent in work.

Salsa lessons in Maastricht

Let's dance Salsa
Let's dance Salsa, source: my picture

I had a bit trouble with finding the place as only remembered the name of the club and position from Google maps, which was wrong. The place is just next to the Helport. But I still got some time before the start. There were quite a lot of people there already. They obviously target their services on students, therefore discount and they asked whether they should speak English. Ok, sometimes they forgot about that but the most important things were said in English. We started with basic step, added some turns and practised the partner work. I enjoyed the first open lecture and decided to continue. Price for students is 35€ for 10 lessons – really nice and the place is not that far away as other studios. The offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

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