UM Sports, Master Dinner and Comedy night

Second day of INKOM was full of activities - breakfast, UM Sports, Master Dinner and Comedy night. One thing better than the other.

UM Sports eventUM Sports event, source: my picture

The day started at 10 a.m. at law faculty with free breakfast, followed by a presentation where some students talked about their experience in Maastricht. Not that interesting actually, but Law Faculty has nice lecture hall Smiley :) Next stage was the Student service centre, where we got a cup of coffea and could buy Maastricht Universty T-shirts and hoodies with discount. To get to the SportEvent, we needed to walk several kilometres to another part of Maastricht. Actually it was near my flat, so I could leave my new T-shirt at there and continue to the presentation of UM Sports.

What was the SportEvent about? Actually exhibition of UM Sports, where all the sporting associations presented themselves with usually some activity. They target was obviously attract and recruit new members. I went climbing and rode a mechanic bull. The second activity was not that good idea. I hold for long time, but as the results, my legs and private parts were hurting. The funnies thing there was almost at the end – watching a match of snowball fight Smiley :D They had a marked field and ordered snow. Well, in these temperatures around 20°C, it was then more like ice.

Master dinner (so only for master students) took place in St. Jan Church located at Vrijthof. Yes, indeed in a church. I have never had a meal in place like this. Someone mentioned that it's like in Harry Potter, well, kind of like in Hogwarts Smiley :D We had to wait for the food but we could taste several wines. I am not a specialist, but this was not good. I do not know why, but the best wine one provided was at the entrance, the rest was just bad, really bad. It tasted like 1€ wine from box even if it was from a bottle. The great thing about this evening was that we got name tags also with the faculty we are going to study at. For the first time of income, I met somebody from SBE and even one girl from Austria, who could speak a little Czech! Nice!

After the dinner, we moved to the theatre Theater aan het Vrijthof to see Boom Chicago. It's based on short sketches with improvisation based on topics from the audience. I was not sure, how funny it will be, but I was really surprised. I got to sit in the second row and it was just really great, I would stay there for longer.

As every night, party was on! SV Koko club and Dow Jones Party was waiting for us! Ok, it was not easy to get in, so we had to wait for a while, but I had great time! Well, the premises were really warm and wet, so when we left at about 3 a. m., I looked I like I just got off from a swimming pool. Funny thing: prices of drinks. The name of the party was Dow Jones therefore it was based on stock exchange. Prices of every drink fluctuated according to the demand between 0,8 and 2,5€. Funny thing, maybe we can try it also back home in Prague Smiley :D But party is about dancing and I enjoyed it. I think that nothing can beat this day of INKOM.

Photogallery – INKOM 2011 - day 2 - Sport, Dinner and Comedy night

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