Opening Magic Maastricht with show

Winter time is already here and Vrijthof in Maastricht changed according to that - it provides Christmas market, ice rink and a big wheel. There is also an ice show accompanying the grand opening, let's take a look.

Christmas market in MaastichtChristmas market in Maasticht, source: my picture

I opened my university e-mail and I found a like to events in December. I saw there, that on Friday, December 2nd, there was a festive opening by mayor Hoes of the wintry event Magic Maastricht. The opening is a spectacular show with fairy-like, gigantic stilt-walkers and an acrobatic ice show. It took place on Vrijthof. Hm, Ah.. that was it, I was wondering what was going on, when I went to the . Sounded nice, so just after I finished my last dinner in second period of the eating experiment, I went home to leave my school stuff there, take my camera and to ride to the city centre, so I could be there at 17:30 when the opening should have started. The Vrijthof square was transformed into a large wintry landscape complete with an ice rink, a Christmas market, a big wheel and a grand merry-go-round, amongst other things.

Acrobatic Ice show

Maastricht Christmas marketMaastricht Christmas market, source: my picture
When I arrived at the Vrijthof, there was already a crowd of people waiting at the ice rink, so I couldn't get any nice place to see everything.

The opening started with an acrobatic ice show, which was about an half hour long performance of several artists on the ice rink with a music accompaniment. At first came artists on stilts, which was pretty cool. I wondered how they managed not to slip, but they were walking on the part of the rink that was covered with a carpet. After that several solo figure skaters showed their skills. At the, group of 5 figure skaters danced into the music of a famous musical. I really enjoyed it, even though I could not see everything properly, as I am not tall enough Smiley :D. I tried to make some pictures, but I was not really that successful. Never mind. Christmas market in Maastricht was hereby opened, good time to walk around as see what it offers.

Maastricht Christmas Market

Obviously, there are several stalls with various food and drinks. You can buy there typical Christmas market beverage "Gluhwein" (mull), one glass costs 3€ 2€ deposit for the cup. Then there are several stalls selling various stuff – calendars, funny T-Shirs, stuffed animals, boots, clothes, small presents, ceramic figures etc. For small kinds there are several attractions – long slide, merry-go-around and for everybody also a big wheel with Vodafone logo (entrance 10€). Near the ice-rink there is also some kind of a restaurant where you can sit and it is covered, which is useful in case of a bad weather.

All square and city is decorated by lights, to make you feel the atmosphere. Well, I hope there will be some snow, otherwise I find that personally only waste of scare resources as is not that beautiful. But I haven't seen any Christmas tree anywhere, maybe I was not looking properly, but I suppose such thing should be tall and not that easy to overlook.

A met another Czech people!

I was taking pictures of the market and almost wanted to leave when I heard familiar words: "Ještě si vyfotím gril." (I'll take a picture of a grill.) Nice, I got lucky. I said hello and we talked for a while. 2 girls and one guy, working here and the couple arrived in Maastricht about a month ago. I sometime found it complicated to find the correct words, that's bad, I am using my language quite often, but some word are there only in English. I hope we will contact each other soon and make a trip of go somewhere to have some fun. I also met those people a couple of days later in the supermarket. I like that one, as I already met there Czech people before Smiley :)

Photogallery – Opening Magic Maastricht

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