Microeconomics game time!

We were only a dozen of students in Microeconomics master course and all were facing some difficulties with the course. But we cooperated, work together, help one another and as a result we all passed and created nice relationships.

MonopolyMonopoly, Source: www.sxc.hu

We decided to meet after the final exam and celebrate our success. There was also a game afternoon on Sunday before the final exam, but here were only a few of us. This time more people had time and I offered that we can meet at my place, as we have quite a big living room and my flatmates are at home over the weekend. To have some fun we decided to play some games and guys as the last time, will bring some cake.

I spent the morning with cleaning the place and was exited about the afternoon. The start was scheduled at 15 o'clock and about an hour before, I started to receive bad messages. Guys with cake texted me, that they will arrive a bit later, but others wrote me, that they can't make it for different reasons. Smiley :( Come on, guys, this can't be true! We agreed on this as everybody said that this is a suitable time. Well, I cannot do anything about that.

At least Aidas and Adam arrived, so we had plenty of case for the tree of us and we enjoyed playing card game and monopoly. I enjoyed the time and it was nice closure of the weekend. I hope next time there will be more of us, as it's much more fun.

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