Petr Polák and purpose of this blog

I come from the Czech republic, my native language is Czech. As a bit experienced computer user and programmer, I created my own personal site and also in czech language written blog, with no specific focus. I would like to document my life in Maastricht as I tried to do, when I was in Germany for a year. As my friends speak different languages, I decided to write this blog in english, as everybody can understand or easily translate it. The goal is clear – document my student's life in Maastricht. I decided to follow part of the Infonomics master programme, for those who are interested, please go to the Infonomics programme info page at Maastricht University to find out more.

Pictures and Photo gallery

An important part of page is photo gallery. I take my camera everywhere I go and I usually do not forget to use it. Well, I need more time to publish pictures I took than write an article about an event. Picture sets in gallery are usually connected to some article and therefore I also included that gallery to the page with the apropriate article. When I want to use some picture just as an illustation to the article and I do not have my own, I use free photobanks and I always cite the source. Intellectual propety law is a bitch.

How did I get to Maastricht?

In March 2011 I applied for Erasmus exchange and after considering my possibilities, I decided for Universiteit Maastricht. I was chosen and after some paper work and needen organizational procedures, I arrived on Saturday 20th August 2011 in Maastricht. One semester full of new experience and different environment ahead, alone and curious I started to explore new city and meeting new people, who became my friends.