IESN Traffic Light Party

Traffic Light Party organized by IESN at the end of September in Studentcafé De Beurs. Let's go out on Thursday and party!

Traffic light partyTraffic light party, source: my picture

People from International Erasmus Student Network organized thematic Traffic Light Party and as I had nothing else to do, I joined. The theme sent a clear message – your relationship status. Like on the traffic light, you were offered at the entrance 3 colours – green, yellow and orange. Green signalized that you are single, orange people are off limits (well, there is a saying that boyfriend is not a fence nor an incurable decease, but let's leave this now) and yellow… how knows, maybe secretly in love with someone or in complicated phase or a romance. Quite easy, no need to get a special outfit. I hoped that my fellow Czech exchange students would join me, but I didn't manage to convince them. The party was scheduled to start at 10 p.m., so I was there like 10.30, at the entrance picked up green bracelet in exchange for my ticket I bought for 2€ at the ESN office a week before and I entered the pub...

Where is the party?Where is the party?, source: my picture

… an empty pub Smiley :D Really? I mean ok, when party starts at 8, only a few people would be on time, but at 10? Never mind. Beer was 1€ for regular 0,2l. I took one, talked to the people there which were actually only organizers, I was obviously the first one to come. Well, the real party started at around a quarter past eleven. Since then it was getting more and more crowded so around midnight it was almost impossible to move. At midnight also another thing happened – kind of free shots. 3 girls form IESN took bottles of Jägermeister and poured it directly into people's mouths Smiley :D Quite crazy, but also fun.I didn't know anybody at the beginning, it was party for exchange students but the first people I partied with were locals, later I met some exchangers too.

I went out to get some free air and met another great people – from Chile, Germany, USA etc., finally really international environment. We talked, had fun and returned inside for a while but at 2 a.m. party was over and everybody went home. Hm, so people came at 11 and left at 2 a.m., is this normal here?

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comments Comments (1):

avatar Polish translator (5. 1. 2013 @ 22:47)
It was the first time I've heard about traffic lights party. A great idea! I wish I could attend something like that during my studies...