Infonomics drink and a pub afterwards

I was invited to a meeting of students and tutors of study programme Infonomics. It's quite interesting habit in there. And as we had nothing else to do, I and a few guys went after it to a pub nearby.

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After our tutorial on Tuesday, I chatted with my classmate and just before we said goodbye, he mentioned Infonomics drink and on Wednesday. So as agreed, he forwarded me the e-mail form the coordinator – Huub Meijers – so I could write and ask him, if I can also join for the drink. Fortunately, he was glad that I wrote him, because he didn't know, that I follow Infonomics master programme. Hm, funny thing, because Veronika Tchiriaeva, who organizes Master Open Day on the 15th October, knew. The event was scheduled at 17 p.m. in the Ad Fundum, which is a place near to the main entrance of the School of Business and Economics. It's actually place especially made for there events, so there is also a bar.

Because of the eating experiment I am participating in, I knew that I am going to be a bit late – like about 10minutes due to biking from the other part of the university. Firstly, I could not find the place as I thought it's somewhere else, but now I know it. It was so obvious Smiley :D. There were already a bunch of people and a few tutors from the programme. Several drinks were offered to us, but again – eating experiment conditions made me drink only water. Damn it Smiley :(. Later more people showed up, also the rest of my classmates form Info products course.

Infonomics as a study programme

Infonomics itself is a very small programme, as there are totally only a few dozens of students in bachelor and master programme. The number of bachelor students culminates, but master students are so far every year only a few. This year 4 and I Smiley :). As Mr. Meijers told us, since next academic year, there will be several changes. Reason is obvious – money cuts and the size of the programme. They will no longer be possibility to start the master programme in February so they do not have to repeat some courses for those students. The problem is, that because of the small groups, the tuition paid by the students (1700€) do not cover all the costs. There is also a discussion about the name of the programme, as it seems to be ancient and does not attract students. Yeah, nobody knows what Infonomics is about. The question is, what the new name of the programme should be, so it sound more attractive.

"Drink events"

As I was told, these kind of events are quite common here. Usually, there is also a bartender, so you can get your barrel beer. Costs cuts are serious staff, so we have only bottles of bier available. On the other hand, we are only a few people here, not everybody wants a beer, so I think, that's even better that we can serve ourselves. There are of course also non-alcoholic beverages such as cola or juice. We drank up all alcohol provided – no bier or wine left Smiley :D.

The purpose of these events is an informal meeting of students, tutors and lecturers, so we can get to know each other a bit more. It's bit unusual for me, as in Prague I only met in this kind of way PhD. students, who we had for tutorials, but never with professors or other lecturers. We kept more formal atmosphere. I am not quite sure, what is better, as I still do not feel free to express all my opinions to someone, who will give me a grade in a few weeks. It does not necessary be something about the course, but it can be anything a bit controversial, like politics. I have no problem with talking about any topic after there is no relationship where one is evaluated by the other and this evaluation is of a really important value.

Evening afterwards

I do not know who, but someone came up with the idea, that we can continue in a pub. Ok, only 4 of us gone there – 2 German guys, one Austrian guy and I. So we switch from English- to German-language. The evening went to about half past 11, and as I mentioned above, I could not drink anything except water. Ahh. This time, it was really unpleasant, but we had fun and especially because there was a group of girls and one of them had a really nice skirt and of course body too Smiley :) I miss the courage that one of us had. Well, I may have it next time.

After we left more than 40€ in there, made a short stop at one of us to see en episode of sitcom How i met your mother, I ended up at home at about 1 a.m. Great night! Fortunately, I do not have any classes on Thursday, but on the other hand, I have to get up to be at 8:30 at the university for my breakfast Smiley :D. There are always two sides of a coin.

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avatar Lory (12. 1. 2012 @ 16:30)
Hello!I read your blog and I'm very interested in the MA Infonomics.Can we have more communication that could help me to know the program, the university and the city more?If so,email me.Your blog is very helpful anyway.