Trip to Paris

Due to the public holiday in the Netherlands, I have a weekend lasting for 4 days. Great time for trip to Paris to visit a friend of mine and finally see what the fuss is all about.

The fastest way how to get from Maastricht to Paris is with Thalys. This fast speed train can do the distance in about 3 hours. Well, you need to get to Liege or some city in the Netherlands as Thalys does not go over Maastricht. If you want to save the time, you have to pay a bit extra – one one starts at 30€, but to get such a price, you need to book your trip several months ago. Not my case as I planned this trip about a month ago. Therefore I decided to go with a bus from Eindhoven and use again the service provided by Eurolines. Return ticket cost me 55€. To get to Eindhoven on Wednesday evening, I took a train. I like travelling by train. The only problem is, that my friends experienced problems and I like to have always some backup time for random events. Therefore I left Maastricht at 21:26. I was in quite a hurry to catch that train and I didn't manage to finish all tasks I planned.
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