Second trip back home – Christmas and holidays

As most of the students from Maastricht University, I went home for Christmas leaving Maastricht empty. I used four different means of transport including a rented car. I got home fast and and in a comfortable way.

Goodbye rented carGoodbye rented car, source: my picture

My plane to Brno was scheduled to leave Eindhoven at 8 a.m., in order to check the luggage, we had to be at the airport at 6 a.m. For this purpose we rented a car from, so we didn't have to spent the night somewhere in Eindhoven. At this moment, it's convenient to mention the point, that Airport in Eindhoven is closed from 22 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. According to Google Maps, Airport is located about 90 km from Maastricht, so we decided to leave before 5 a. m., in order to be sure that we have some extra time in case something happens. Why I didn't fly to Prague? Well, it was cheaper to fly to Brno and as I live in Náchod, I am almost indifferent between these two airports.

From Maastricht to Eindhoven

I picked up all my passengers – 3 girls and we left Maastricht at about 5. I was really glad, that we got a big car, because it was comfortable and girls had really big luggages. I put the Airport location as target for GPS navigation on my smartphone, just in case. The way is easy to follow – just drive on highway A2 and after we reach Eindhoven we will follow the signs. After a bit playing with the car computer, I managed to switch on the tempo-mat. The roads were empty, we had time so I decided to save some fuel by setting the speed to 110km/h. We didn't managed to turn off the display of the radio, which was a bit annoying – it was to shiny, but nevertheless the trip was smooth. We talked and I enjoyed driving. We took exit 31, so we could refuel the tank in order to return the car with full tank. I put there 7.55 l, which I expected to be less, as my consumption on the highway was usually 6l/100km or lower. Whatever, not that bad.

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven AirportEindhoven Airport, source: my picture

We were told, that it's easy to find the place where we have to return the card, but the reality was different. We drove there and back at the airport, will we finally found it. As the office was closed, the keys are returned to the box that is located at the airport, at least this was fine. I had a bit hard time to say goodbye to the car, I like driving. It was 6 a.m., so exactly the time we wanted to arrive, girls checked-in their luggages and than we sat down near the restaurant on the first floor. Everybody glad, that we managed it and there were no complication. The security check was fast (except I had to also remove my shoes), but before that, they really checked the weight of the hand bag and that you have only one. We arrived at the gate and there were already a lot of people waiting. We had to walk to the plane, at least the rain stopped. It's up to the passengers to find their seat – WizzAir policy Smiley :) I find a place near the window, so I can see everything. Well, not that much during the start, because it was still dark outside. The plane was full and there were also a lot of kinds, screaming :-! Let's fly to Brno.


Wizzair in BrnoWizzair in Brno, source: my picture

After 1 hour and 20 minutes of flying, we arrived to Brno, where the sun was already shining (above the clouds) and the landscape was covered by a tiny layer of snow. And it was freezing. Where is the warm weather from west as was announced in the press? It had to get stuck somewhere else. But we are home! Almost Smiley :D Everybody happy, that we had fast, comfortable and pleasant journey, we said goodbye wished ourselves Marry Christmas and Happy New Year and separated to get home. I must say, this trip was great, I am glad I got convinced and rented the car.

Náchod can wait

I needed to get to Náchod, so first get on the bus to get to the main train station and then by train home. This was also without any problem at all. It might seem as a bit boring, but it's just the way I describe it. I left my apartment in Maastricht at 4:20 and at 10:50 I get on the train to Náchod with scheduled arrival at 14:40. Isn't it awesome? To get home in 10 hours.

But I didn't get to Náchod at 14:40. Why? Well, I made a stop on my way and visited my brother, so we could also celebrate incoming Christmas and I got to meet some of his friends Smiley :D

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