Články o tématu „Germany”

Growth, Well-being and Quality of Life

Guest lecture with promising title by Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt, but was it really that good? It really depends, but I had definitely more fun in a pub afterwards, even I again couldn't drink any beer because of my eating experiment.

Prof. Dr. Christoph M. SchmidtProf. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt, Source: scope-economics.nl

There were several guest lectures since the beginning of the semester, but for some reasons I haven't visited any of them so far, mostly because of my salsa lectures. Also my fellow Infonomics guys wanted to come, so we agreed to go into a pub after the lecture. For those, who know my economic believes, might be a bit surprise that I even wanted to spent my time at this lecture, but I was also expecting something more let's say descriptive and theoretical and then it's a good topic for discussion.

Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt introduced himself as the president of the RWI in Essen and a member of the German Council of Economic Experts, which is a group of economists that gives advise to the German government. At that point started to be a bit worried and hoped, that we will focus more on economics than on politics. Sometimes he managed to. Well, I mostly liked his comments about results from some research.

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My first trip to home from Maastricht

After 2 months in Maastricht I am going home, but only for one week. The reason is my bachelor graduation ceremonial that takes place in Prague. I didn't want to waste my time, so as soon as I could, I am on my first journey to home, to visit my friend and family.

Departure from AachenDeparture from Aachen, source: my picture

I am from Náchod, small town in the Czech Republic. How to get there from Maastricht? Well, this time was my journey to home split into three pieces. From Maastricht to Aachen by car, from Aachen to Prague by bus and from Prague to Náchod by train. Departure at 11:45 on Friday, arrival at 9:54 on Saturday – included Smiley :)

When I read about the departure place and saw it on Google Maps, I was a bit confused. But it was it. There was a small hut with name of companies on it, including Eurolines. There were also time-tables for different destinations in Europe like Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, etc. But on the other hand, it was not looking very comfortable – actually open space, no benches around. I hoped, that my bus will arrive on time. As time went on, I get more nervous, so I entered the "office" and asked. The guy sitting there told me to wait, as my bus comes from France, so it may have some delay. Ok, at least some information. I was sure, that I am at the correct place, I only needed to wait. But I was getting darker and colder. It's definitely not a place for a lonely girl. At 7 p.m. office and kiosk nearby closed.

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Aachen – the nearest German city to Maastricht

Aachen is very old and famous German city. As my bus was leaving from this place at the evening, I decided to take the opportunity to arrive there earlier and use Friday afternoon for discovering the city.

AachenAachen, source: my picture

I am going home. I ordered bus ticket from Aachen to Prague. A friend of mine offered me to drive me there after Friday's lecture, because she lives not far away from Aachen. As my bus was scheduled to leave Aachen at 18:45, and she dropped me off at about 12:15, I had the whole afternoon for sightseeing. I got lucky, because the weather was really nice and sun was is shining since the morning, so I was not freezing as the days before.

My tour began at church named Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche and without map. I only printed out map for how to get from the main train station to the bus station, which was almost 5 km from there – Wilmersdorfer Straße near Gartencenter. I decided to find the main square and then the train station. I remembered a few things from my vitit to Aachen about 4 years ago. It was a short visit on Sunday, when every shop was closed, the first half of it was raining really heavily. So what I saw, after the rain stopped, was mostly the city centre.

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