Chinese dinner and dumplings

Sijing is our fellow Infonomics student and we always wanted to try some typical Chinese food, but home prepared not noodles with chicken from some fast food. The year is over and Sijing prepared dinner for us. Let's eat!

Sijing, the chef cookSijing, the chef cook, source: my picture

After some discussions about possible date, we set up the final date for Friday. But then on Wednesday I was at a chocolate experiment and I got some missed calls from Erwin. I called him back and he so like that the weather forecast is bad for Friday and that we will have the Chinese dinner that day. I went directly to his place and we waited for Georgi. Georgi does not ride a bike so he took bus, but me, Alex and Erwin rode to Sijing's place. I wasn't there before but it was on the other side of Maastricht. I was curious where she lives and what she will prepare for us. Well, it was a great day anyway, I was in a great mood, because I found the supervisor for my master thesis and also earned some money during two experiments and Chinese dinner made my day just awesome. Some days are just really great, aren't they?

Chinese dumplings

After we arrived, we went shopping for drinks and most of the ingredients. Sijing had already bought some special ones and some things were already prepared but as the decision was made quite fast, stuff like meat or vegetables is better to have fresh. The shop was just like 5 minutes walking. Then the whole coking process started. Everybody wanted to help, but the kitchen was small and we were often kicked out by Sijing or her house mates Smiley :D Well, it's nice when somebody is coking for you, but we also wanted to learn something new.

One thing we were allowed to prepare, were the dumplings. The filling (meat and vegetables) were prepared by Sijing, but somebody has to make the dumplings. It takes time, but we were eager to help and it was fun. We sat in the garden so there was enough space for everybody to participate in the dumpling creation process. It might seem as an easy job, but it definitely was not for all of us. Neither of us prepared Chinese dumplings before so the starting point was similar to all of us, but somebody's (I do not want to point out the names) dumplings were sentenced to decomposition during the later boiling process Smiley :D

Georgi, Me, Erwin, Alex and dumpling tutor
Georgi, Me, Erwin, Alex and dumpling tutor, source: my picture

We started the dinner with a soup cooked from ribs with a lot of vegetables, next dish was rice and fish with spicy sauce and vegetabales from WOK and then the dumplings. Uh, I mean it was really delicious, the sauce a bit hot for myself; we stuffed ourselves and we also had dumpling leftovers for home. How is it possible that Chinese people are so thin when they are so much? We were told that usually they prepare more :/

The evening was great but we were not complete, Julian was missing. He, Erwin, Sijing and Georgi are done with all the courses and are working on their master theses. We were still waiting for the grades from our last course to be published, but everybody was sure that he passed. This was kind of almost last gathering before the holidays. We also planned BBQ for all Infonomics students, but Georgi would be home by then. We all realized, that the year is gone and our ways will soon separate so meetings like this are the best way how to say goodbye.

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